Branding Identity Guidelines

Your branding is an important asset - don't allow someone to muck it up by not enforcing how it is used.

A well-developed brand identity document will ensure that your branding is consistently applied across all channels such as a website or social media - which will save you time and money in the long run. By having a clear and concise set of guidelines, you will avoid the need for pricey re-branding campaigns down the road.

Developing a branding identity guidelines document using our expertise is an investment which lays the groundwork for a strong and lasting brand.

Our experts will guide you through a discovery phase which includes a deep-dive around how you intend to use your branding. You will be provided with a concise summarization of what the guidelines shall enforce for approval. Finally, the brand identity document production - which leaves you with a simple-to-understand brand standards PDF.

To get started, book a free consultation to discuss how to protect your brand by developing a brand identity guidelines manual:

Let's protect my brand!

example of a brand identity guidelines document

What will your branding identity guidelines document cover?

You should expect to have the following standard areas covered for your brand: logo with variations, logo incorrect usages, color palette, typography, web style sheet,  photography, social media avatars, supporting graphics, graphic design samples, email template and email signature.

What will it cost to develop your brand identity guidelines document?

You should expect a one-time investment of $1,750 for the development of your branding document. Please note that this can vary depending on what is discussed during our initial free consultation, in fact... book your free consultation now!