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We are a graphic design team with a focus on logo design and brand identity guidelines development. Complimentary services we offer include websites, newsletters, email signatures, posters, banners, email templates and other branded materials.

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Logo Design

We understand that your logo is going to be the face of your brand. We'll give you the time to detail your goals and take care of the boring stuff like complex graphic design practices. We will ensure you get a simple experience and the best result possible for your logo. Don't settle for anything but awesome.

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Branding Identity Guidelines

Having an awesome logo is a great start - now let's create a manual for anyone working with your branding to follow. Branding identity guidelines ensure that whenever anyone uses your logo they have rules to follow to ensure a consistent experience. This document will help provide details for media such as:

Website, emails, print materials, social media among others

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find some of the most common questions and answers around logo design and brand identity guidelines development.

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The typical timeframe for a logo design process is two weeks or less. It may take more time if there are more stakeholders involved or multiple rounds of consultation requested by the client.

It's thorough document which covers many facets of your brand, including what not to do. Our documents contain areas such as colors, fonts, email usage and samples. We are more than happy to create specific guidelines for you within your document.

We operate on goals and results and not a 9-to-5 mentality. Being creative can strike at any time, on any day, and we want the best for you, not a regular schedule.

Yes, our graphical designers are very well rounded and have worked in many different sectors. But their focus remains the same, the very best design results for you. Their skills cover everything from logo design, brand identity guidelines, email templates, report templates, banners, posters, email signatures, presentations and websites.